Boston GuitarFest’s Luthiers Expo offers an exclusive platform for luthiers and vendors to display their instruments for three days during the festival, from Friday to Sunday, June 29 - July 1.

In this ever-popular event, running June 29 – July 1, festival participants can meet new luthiers, try their handbuilt guitars, and perhaps go home with a brand-new instrument.

Over the years we have welcomed luthiers from all over the world, including the guitar shop of Johnson Strings, Stephan Connor, Joshia de Jonge, Jeroen Hilhorst, Jeremy Cooper, Alan Carruth, Bruno Boutin, Michael Anthony, Jeremy Clark, Steven Walter, Sergei de Jonge, John Slobod, Harris Musical Instruments, Guo Guitars, Benoit Pierron, Aaron Ringo, Bruce Thompson, and nail specialist Miro Simic.

Each day pass gives luthiers access to the Luthiers Expo. This includes space for your instruments, a table and rooms for prospective buyers.

Day-pass holders will also receive auditor access to all Boston GuitarFest events on the specific day of their pass, including concerts, master classes, and more.

luthier registration

$75 per day (3 total days)
$40 per day for each additional person

Questions? Contact Expo Director, Robert Bekkers at